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Alienware Launches Three New Gaming Laptops

This year has seen a lot of new gear released in South Africa and Alienware has just announced three new gaming laptops that include the latest tech including 6th generation Intel CPUs, Windows 10 and Nvidia GTX960M/980M graphics.

The Alienware 13, 15 and 17 bring the range up-to-date with its competitors offering the latest hardware from Intel and Nvidia. They offer over 20 modifications over the previous generation including the addition of USB 3.1, PCI-Express SSDs and support for Alienware’s external graphics card – the Graphics Amplifier.

Starting with the Alienware 13, prices start at R29,000 with the option to include up to a Core i7-6500U processor, 1920x1080 resolution 13in IPS screen with all variations including Nvidia’s GTX 960M graphics. However, you can also opt for Alienware’s external Graphics Amplifier – essentially an external graphics card, that can add up to a GTX Titan X into the fray to deal with the demands of 4K gaming – for an extra R4,300 of course.

The Alienware 15 is the company’s 15.6-inch laptop and starts at just over R36,000, rising to R39,800 for the top-spec model. Again you’re able to add an external graphics card into the mix with the Graphics Amplifier, with the top spec Alienware 15 including a GTX 980M. CPU option for the 15.6" model include Intel’s 6th generation Skylake-based Core i7-5700HQ, although the built-in display only offers non-touch 1,920 x 1,080 options.

Finally, the monstrous Alienware 17 starts off at just under R40,000 rising to just over R51,000 for the top-spec model. Available with 6th generation Quad Core 6700HQ CPUs, there are again no touch options for the screen, but the top-end display sports a Ultra HD (UHD) resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (4K).

Graphics are the GTX 980M for both models, again with the option of purchasing a Graphics Amplifier. You’ll need a strong back to carry this one too – the Alienware 17 weighs in at an impressive 3.78Kg.

You can see the full range and specifications here as well as the accessories currently available

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