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Garmin Debuts Fenix 5 Plus Series

Garmin Debuts Fenix 5 Plus Series

Calling all runners, climbers, athletes and adventurers! #Garmin recently launched the fenix 5 Plus series, which is its next generation of GPS multisport watches with built-in maps, plenty of storage for music playlists, Garmin Pay (a contactless payment system) and Pulse Ox Acclimation for blood oxygen saturation awareness. With its rugged-but-premium look and feel, the entire fenix 5 Plus series (which includes the fenix 5 Plus, fenix 5S Plus, and the fenix 5X Plus) is perfect for athletes and the adventurous sorts.

It must have been the world’s worst kept secret, as Garmin itself had listed the Fenix 5 Plus on its Garmin Pay page and multiple online retail outlets have posted pics and specs of the new device.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus is the same feature-packed device as its predecessor, with some added on features. This includes built-in music storage, Garmin Pay, Galileo, pre-loaded topographical maps and oxygen saturation. All three iterations of the Fenix 5 are benefitting from the upgrade.

While each Fenix 5 Plus watch has unique features, there are a few standard features for all three watches:

  • The watches have built-in topographical maps, and a routing feature to help find popular trails that other Garmin users have tried
  • The watches have satellite reception, which helps track you in environments like canyons or places with heavy tree cover
  • Garmin offers advanced fitness tracking on all three watches. You're able to track your exercise history and find out if you're over-training or need to make adjustments to your form
  • All three watches have a heart-rate tracker
  • You'll be able to store up to 500 songs on your watch so you can leave your phone at home while exercising
  • The watches will also have Garmin Pay, Gamin's version of contactless payments
  • You'll be able to get calls, texts, and email notifications on all three watches.

The music storage has been ported over from the Forerunner 645 Music, so you’re getting 4GB of memory which is enough room for about 500 songs. This allows you to stream music when paired with Bluetooth headphones, no smartphone needed. You can also download offline playlists from music streaming services.

Garmin Pay is finding its way on all new Garmin devices so it's not surprising its made it made its way to the Fenix range. And Galileo has been slapped on to GPS and GLONASS for ever better navigation.

Another interesting feature is the wrist-based Pulse Oximeter for altitude acclimation awareness. Unfortunately, this is reserved only for the 5X version. A first for Garmin, Pulse Oximeters can be useful for higher altitude activities.

In terms of other specs, Garmin has ported over the routable topographical maps from the 5X to the 5S Plus and the 5 Plus. This can be used for navigation, location tracking and creating round-trip courses. The company is also bringing its Trendline Routing feature from its cycling computers. This allows you to find the best trails and running routes based on feedback from other Garmin users.

The design has remained pretty much unchanged. The only notable upgrade is for the 5S Plus. It now features a 1.2-inch display, which is an almost 20% increase over the 5S version.

Battery life is still excellent. On a single charge, Fenix 5 Plus will run for 10 days in smartwatch mode, which comes down to 8 hours with GPS and music switched on. The 5x Plus will keep going for 20 days in smartwatch mode and 13 hours in GPS/music mode. Due to its smaller size, the 5S Plus will only go for 7 days in smartwatch mode and 4 hours with GPS/music switched on.

Available now, the Plus series can be picked up on the website. 

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