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Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam

Especially today, anyone who works in front of a home computer for hours on end needs a system for answering the phone without stepping out for the call. Whether it’s to get better reception, get away from the noise (families, other ringing lines, roommates, etc.), or just out of habit, not answering directly by the workstation, not having a simple hands-free system, just doesn’t gel for productivity. Most current solutions don’t actually benefit users. Headsets aren’t comfortable for long, webcams and microphones require too many cables and are prone to the sound of typing or outside noise, and differing devices rarely play well together. Logitech's BCC950 ConferenceCam is the most organized and best all-in-one solution to home teleconferencing.

The ConferenceCam is a computer-based conference calling system compatible with all major conferencing systems like WebEx and Citrix, as well as smaller platforms more commonly used by individuals like Skype and Google Chat/Voice. I’ve been using the ConferenceCam for the past three weeks across all of these services, and it is exceptional. It has entirely revitalized my workspace. With it, I can make and receive phone calls, have simple voice chats, and join conference calls without any preparation, changes to my desk, or even getting up

Nearly everything about the ConferenceCam is excellent, if not perfect, except for some of the built-in function buttons. The webcam itself comes with only a few parts – a neck so that the actual camera ‘head’ can sit a foot above the base for better visibility (though the camera itself features a full 180 degrees of motion side-to-side and can also be pointed 120 degrees up and down), a power cable or interchangeable USB cable to supply power, a second USB cable for the data connection itself, and the remote control. Everything works straight out of the box with no additional software installation on both PC and Mac except for two buttons: the call and end call buttons.

It may be expensive but for an individual user, small business owner, or anyone who just wants to stop using a landline or cellphone in the office altogether, there is no better solution than the Logitech BCC950. This business-class hardware is exactly what’s needed in any home office. It may not change your life…but it will make you a happier, more productive worker.

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