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Posiflex PS-3315E 15" Resistive Touch POS Terminal

The PS-3315E is a 15” touchscreen fanless POS Terminal with all the essential functions and capabilities to satisfy businesses of all sizes, and represents one of the best value choices in the entry-level POS Terminal segment.
R7,938.00 excl

Posiflex TS-2200UE Omi-Direction Barcode Scanner with USB Interface - Black

The TS-2200UE omnidirectional barcode scanner is a high performance scanner ideal for retail Point-of-Sale (POS) applications. Utilizing a digital imaging scan engine, the TS-2200UE is capable of reading 1D barcodes with ease.
R3,175.20 excl

Posiflex Flip-Top Cash Drawer with Receipt Kick Interface - Black

The CR - 2210 is a flip top cash drawer that holds up to six denominations of paper money vertically, has space for eight coins and comes standard with a locking lid.
R1,159.20 excl R1,159.20 excl

Posiflex CR4105BK Cash Drawer with USB Interface (Black)

Posiflex Cash Drawer with USB Interface; wobble-free drawer printer driven, USB; Multiple Input/ Output expansion connectors.
R1,187.20 excl R1,132.80 excl

Posiflex Compact Kick Cash Drawer with Serial interface - Black

It has 3 Position Key Lock with Multiple key combinations, It offers adjustable 8 coin and 5 bill compartments for general use.
R1,187.20 excl R1,187.20 excl

Posiflex Compact Kick Cash Drawer with Printer Kick Device interface - Black

The CR-3100 Series is compact cash drawer. Boasting its high reliability and durability, the CR-3100 series have screw-less tamper-resistant design and robust case.
R1,209.60 excl

Datalogic GD4130 Gryphon General Purpose Linear Imager - USB

Corded linear imager providing top performance 1D reading and best robustness and durability of its product segment.
R2,240.00 excl

Honeywell 1250G-2USB-1 Barcode Scanner - USB

HON 1250G2USB1
Extend your scanning range with the Voyager™ 1250g single-line laser barcode scanner. It aggressively reads linear barcodes up to 58.4 cm (23 in) away, making the job more comfortable and productive for your team. And the scanner is quick to switch to hands-free scanning with the included stand.
R1,209.60 excl

Zebex Z-8072U CCD 2D Barcode Scanner - USB

The Z-8072U Hands-Free Presentation Imager provides top performance and reliability with great features. The powerful 2D Imager and the compact size allow users to aim intuitively with accuracy even if space is limited.
R2,497.60 excl

Zebex Z-3392U Handheld Gun-Type 2D Scanner

Z-3392 is the newly designed, rugged, gun-type 2D image readers built for tough environments. The affordable and versatile scanner offers toughness to general applications with great performance.
R1,568.00 excl

Datalogic DL-Axist Full Touch PDA Rugged Android Barcode Scanner

The DL-Axist PDA is equipped with a multi-purpose 2D imager providing quick and easy data capture from high density codes at standard distances, and includes Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback.
R14,363.00 excl

Datalogic Falcon X3+ Mobile Wireless Handheld Computer

The Falcon™ X3+ mobile computer delivers the ultimate in ruggedness, ergonomics, computing and data capture technologies, while providing a tailored solution for demanding environments needing real-time transaction visibility.
R20,166.50 excl