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Powertraveller Tactical Solargorilla Rugged Water Resistant Solar Charger

The Powertraveller Tactical Solargorilla Water Resistant Solar Panel gives your powergorilla juice anywhere under the sun. To charge the powergorilla battery via this tough, solar panel, simply connect the solargorilla to the powergorilla using the DC connection cable and the L53D tip.
R3,042.61 excl

Powertraveller Solarmonkey Adventurer 3,500 maH Solar Powered, Power Bank

The Powertraveller Solarmonkey Adventurer Slimline incorporates a 3500mAh internal lithium polymer battery and features a 4-colour LED light to show the level of charge left in the internal battery and a 5V USB output which enables efficient charging of mobile devices.
R1,565.22 excl

Powertraveller MINI-G 12000mAh 19V Power Bank

Powertraveller Mini-G portable charger with a 12,000mAh lithium battery and capable of charging various electronic devices. Made from hard-wearing, durable materials, the Powertraveller mini-g is compact, lightweight and in a stylish rugged shell.
R2,173.91 excl

Powertraveller Extreme Solar, Solar Powered Power Bank

The Powertraveller rugged Extreme solar with a clamshell design is lightweight and water resistant. With a 5 W, 5 V 1A output - perfect for charging smaller devices such as smartphones, GPS systems and handheld action cameras on the move.
R1,130.43 excl

PowerTraveller Extreme 12,000mAh Solar Powered, Power Bank

The extreme houses a massive 12,000mAh lithium battery and is capable of charging both 5V and 12V devices. The kit includes a 5-watt solar panel which outputs 5V 1A and opens to 210° - perfect for fitting to a backpack or tent. The rugged, waterproof design is perfect for keeping your essential devices charged whilst you’re off the beaten track.
R2,173.91 excl

Powertraveller Discovery 6000mAh 5V Power Bank

Housed in a stylish full aluminium case with 4 high bright pinpoint led lights, the powertraveller discovery recharges smartphones up to 3 times, smart watches up to 12 times and GoPro cameras up to 3 to 4 times before the unit require recharging. It is also compatible with e-readers, Sat Navs, handheld games consoles, portable GPS systems and more.
R695.65 excl

Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer Solar Battery Charger

This Apple-approved compact charger will give juice to a plethora of other 5V devices including iPods / MP3 players, GPS systems, Sat Navs, head lamps, torches, e-readers and more. The battery unit incorporates a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery which will give 1-2 charges on an iPhone / smartphone, 2-6 charges of an iPod (dependent on the model) and 1-2 recharges of GPS systems.
R1,042.61 excl R999.13 excl

PowerTraveller Motormonkey Multiple Charging Device

The motormonkey in-car charger will fully support Apple iPods & iPhones via the motormonkey's USB socket by using your white sync / charge cable supplied with your Apple product.
R139.13 excl