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Epson FX-2190II 9-pin Impact Dot Matrix Printer

The Epson FX-2190II Series offers the durability and productivity needed for critical daily print requirements. This reliable 9-pin, wide-format impact printers boast a long life cycle, a 3-year limited warranty and speeds up to 738 cps. Their up-to-12-million-character ribbon cartridge2 reduces user interventions as well as cost per page. Engineered for seamless integration into virtually any system, they include Epson ESC/P®, IBM® PPDS and MICROLINE® printer languages. Ideal for harsh environments, these workhorses race through cut-sheet, continuous or multipart forms up to 7 pages thick, and feature an intuitive control panel for easy setup and operation.
R6,494.40 excl R6,163.30 excl

OKI ML6300FB-SC 24-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

Built for task-critical situations and customer-facing settings, the 106 column ML6300FB-SC 24 pin dot matrix printer prints a range of transactions smoothly and efficiently. In-built paper skew correction technology minimises mistakes, saving time and material costs.
R11,306.69 excl

OKI ML395B 24-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

The robust, high-speed ML395B is well-suited to high-volume data processing, easily and efficiently printing multiple copies of listings, shipping documents, labels and other tasks using heavy media.
R17,445.09 excl

OKI ML5591 24-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

Combining fast performance with energy-saving technology, the 136 column ML5591 24 pin dot matrix printer produces up to 5 documents simultaneously for high-efficiency, high volume performance in industrial retail and other commercial settings.
R9,718.99 excl

OKI ML3391 24-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

The 136 column ML3391 printer easily handles cut sheets, continuous feed paper and multi-part forms. The 24-pin print head produces up to 5 high-quality documents simultaneously for efficient working across demanding retail and production environments.
R7,358.29 excl

OKI ML5590 24-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

The fast, 80 column ML5590 24 pin dot matrix printer is perfect for high-quality, high-volume data listing and multi-part forms applications, combining high print speeds with reliable, energy-efficient performance.
R8,538.10 excl

OKI ML1190 24-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

The compact, easy-to-use ML1190eco delivers crisp 24-pin print quality. Ideal for detailed notes, small labels and bar codes, the super-reliable ML1190 has an impressively high mean time between failures (MTBF) of 10,000 hours.
R3,771.40 excl

OKI ML5721 9-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

The wide carriage ML5721 9-pin dot matrix printer is ideal for high-speed spreadsheet and report printing, racing through up to 7-part forms and lists at print speeds of up to 700 characters per second (cps).
R9,452.40 excl

OKI ML4410 Dual 9-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

Among the most reliable, powerful and durable 9-pin forms printers on the market, the high-performance, high-speed, heavy-duty ML4410 dot matrix printer handles multi-part listings (up to 10 part paper) and printouts with ease, delivering superior throughput.
R40,303.82 excl

OKI M3410 9-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

The ML3410 is a powerful device designed to handle the most data-intensive applications. High print speeds are combined with superior copy capability and durable 9-pin print head, delivering reliable performance.
R19,407.95 excl

OKI ML5521 9-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

Robust and reliable, the high-performance 136 column ML5521 dot matrix printer is ideally suited for high-speed, high-volume data listing and multi-part forms applications where fast throughput and reliability are a must.
R9,452.40 excl

OKI ML3321 9-Pin A3 Dot Matrix Printer

A great all-round performer, the 136-column ML3321 dot matrix printer is suited to a wide range of high speed data listing and multi-part forms applications. In-built power management technology reduces energy consumption, lowering running costs.
R7,205.20 excl

OKI ML5720 9-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

Ideal for high-duty applications on single or multi-part paper, the ML5720 dot matrix printer delivers reliable forms printing with low running costs. Super-fast throughput and the ability to manage heavy media make it a great choice for demanding environments.
R7,074.10 excl

OKI ML5520 9-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

Engineered to be tough enough to withstand demanding environments, the resilient, high-performance, 9-pin ML5520 narrow carriage dot matrix printer accommodates multi-part forms and thicker paper stock with auto-tear feature for easy retrieval
R8,043.48 excl

OKI ML3320 9-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

Reliable, fast and with eco-friendly power management technology, the 9-pin ML3320eco printer offers great all-round performance and superb value for money.
R6,443.99 excl

OKI ML280 Elite 9-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

The compact ML280 Elite offers great print quality at a low cost. High reliability and a small device footprint make it ideally suited for front and back office applications including multipart forms, logs and labels.
R4,558.65 excl

OKI ML1120 9-Pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

The compact ML1120 combines durable 9-pin dot matrix technology with an impressively high mean time between failures (MTBF) of 10,000 hours. An easy-to-use operator panel, low printing noise and multiple interfaces are included as standard.
R2,360.96 excl

Epson PLQ-30M Passbook Printer

A quiet, fast and power-efficient passbook printer with a low TCO, ideal for financial and government institutions. Customers and staff alike will appreciate the PLQ-30's unobtrusive noise levels, which are as low as 55dBA. It’s efficient, too – the print speed enhancer enables fast printing of bit image data under Windows environments to help cut queues.
R17,341.10 excl