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Snom Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP Telephones
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Snom D3 Expansion Module for D3xx Series

Increase the available function keys on D3xx phones with USB port, allowing users to manage a large number of extensions and calls. The D3 Expansion Module provides an additional 18 multicoloured LED keys that can be programmed for functions such as line, speed dial, busy lamp field and presence indication. A multicoloured LED key presents call or presence status, and the high-resolution display provides a visual interface that can be easily configured and labelled via the phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself.
R2,018.94 Incl R1,940.28 Incl

Snom C52-SP VoIP/SIP HD Conference Phone

The Snom C520 - WiMi combined with the Snom C52-SP is the perfect solution for people who regularly hold teleconferences in large rooms or with large numbers of people. Up to three C52-SP units can be paired wirelessly with the Snom C520 - WiMi with ease, then serving as fully hands-free modules thanks to the two integrated microphones and powerful speaker.
R2,222.14 Incl

Snom C520 IP Conference Phone with Bluetooth and DECT

Thanks to advanced DECT and Bluetooth technology, the C520 is the perfect device for team conferencing and offers three cutting-edge microphones. The first of these is built into the high-performance full-duplex speaker in the main base station with two further wireless DECT microphones that can be freely placed or carried in the room as required.
R4,092.68 Incl R3,801.90 Incl

Snom D785 6-Line Bluetooth IP/VoIP Desktop Phone

The Snom D785 belongs to the latest generation of advanced Snom IP phones. Elegantly designed and featuring a large high-resolution colour display and a convenient second screen for dynamic contact management as well as integrated Bluetooth, this IP phone has all the functions necessary to fulfil even the most demanding requirements.
R3,408.60 Incl

Snom D120 entry-level VoIP Desk Phone

With the D120, Snom completes its phone series with a real entry-level device. Designed for large installations, such as those that can be found in the hotel- or healthcare industry, its straightforward design and exceptional audio quality meet all the requirements of an entry-level phone.The D120 is a no-frills phone without a large display, special function keys or features such as call holding for more than one call etc. and has been designed purely with stability and ease-of-use in mind.
R814.20 Incl

Snom D712 4-Line Business Desk Telephone

The D712 is a state-of-the-art, full-featured IP desk phones for small or large scale deployments suitable for use in a multitude of business scenarios. Supporting four SIP identities and five programmable keys with built-in LEDs for visual call indication alerts, the D712 blends an elegant utilitarian design for high usability with high performance and affordability.
R1,487.98 Incl R1,435.54 Incl

Snom D315 4-Line Gigabit Business IP/VoIP Phone

With its high-resolution display, the D315 fulfils all important requirements of VoIP telephony and provides numerous valuable functions in the business world. Business class connectivity makes this a smart long-term investment. A high-speed USB port enables connection of a variety of accessories such as D3 expansion module or WiFi sticks. The D315 also has a gigabit Ethernet switch to ensure you get the most out of local connections, and a VPN client to enable integration of an additional security layer.
R1,769.85 Incl R1,697.74 Incl

Snom Dect Phone for M9R Base

The snom m9r is the next generation snom DECT handheld that combines the convenience of wireless communication with the widely accepted benefits and feature richness of Voice over IP telephony and excellent speech quality through digital cordless audio.
R2,484.34 Incl

Snom A100D Wideband Binaural Headset

The Snom A100D is a wired binaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance . Its lightweight and ergonomic design means it can be worn comfortably all day.
R1,066.74 Incl

Snom A100M Wideband Monaural Headset

The Snom A100M is a wired monaural headset designed for maximum comfort and performance . Its lightweight and ergonomic design means it can be worn comfortably all day.
R848.70 Incl R821.10 Incl

Snom D725 12-Line Desk IP Phone

The D725 has 18 freely programmable multicolour function keys in three rows – a design that allows D725 users to have a complete overview of all calls at their fingertips. This, combined with the ability to support up to twelve SIP identities, makes the Snom D725 handset an ideal candidate for intensive phone usage.
R2,188.31 Incl R1,930.71 Incl

Snom D305 IP Professional High Resolution Desk Telephone

The D305 is a professional phone with a high-resolution display that maintains the excellent cost-performance ratio expected from this range of Snom telephones.
R1,487.98 Incl R1,435.54 Incl