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Weather Stations & Weather Instruments

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Barigo 4" High-Altitude Barometer/Thermometer/Hygrometer (Nickel Plated Brass)

Baro/Thermo/Hygrometer combined, for desk top or wall mount, (includes a wall fixing plate for maritime use). Gunmetal colour round solid brass case, diameter 104 mm. No battery needed, fully mechanical.
R2,104.39 excl

Barigo Analog Barometer (polished brass)

The TEMPO line offers a great variety: The range with highly polished cases of brass or chromed brass covers barometers, clocks, clocks with radio sectors, and thermometers and hygrometers, both individually and also combined as a comfort zone indicator. Instruments of the same construction are also available with cases of stainless steel in the SKY range. Brass, polished.
R1,051.75 excl

Barigo Analog Barometer (polished chrome)

Highest quality and perfect technology in the most compact design. TEMPO S stands for small, but otherwise it offers everything that makes the TEMPO series so popular: a high-gloss casing, of brass or chromed brass. Barometers, clocks and clocks with radio sectors. Thermometers and hygrometers, both as individual instruments and in combination as comfortmeters.
R1,139.47 excl

Barigo brass Decorative weather station with barometer, thermometer & hygrometer

This weatherstation is compact with plenty of accurate information on its three clear to read dials.
R3,507.89 excl

Barigo E7 SB Digital Climbing Sport Watch (Stainless Steel)

E7 family of products combines high quality materials with a software adapted to the needs of ambitious mountaineers. A solid, polished stainless steel bottom plate and a robust, turnable top ring in 3 colours make this line outstanding from the crowd of LCD watches.
R3,507.89 excl

Barigo Maritime Weather Station

Quality begins with the choice of the correct material: all Barigo measuring instruments are professionally manufactured from the highest quality solid materials.
R4,121.93 excl

Barigo Nickel Plated Brass Barometer (including Stand)

Barigo 115.1 Analog Round Barometer
R1,402.63 excl

Barigo nickel plated Decorative weather station with barometer, thermometer & hygrometer

Decorative weather station with barometer, thermometer & hygrometer - nickel plated brass, acrylic dome cover.
R2,279.82 excl

Barigo polished metal Comfortmeter, spiral hygrometer & thermometer

German quality comfortmeter, measures humidity and temperature. Metal case with white interior.
R876.32 excl

Barigo polished metal Wine cellar comfortmeter, spiral hygrometer & thermometer

Simple, clear and functional. Beautiful and pleasant surfaces, with practically "perfect" proportions.
R876.32 excl

Barigo Ship's barometer (brushed stainless steel)

Stainless Steel - an unstoppable trend in the yachting scene. The high quality surfaces made from brushed stainless steel are finding more and more fans. Precious, in a certain way understated, yet also sovereign, the Baringo barometer's casings harmonise excellently with the classic scales.
R1,227.19 excl

Barigo Stainless Steel Modern Home Low Altitude Barometer

Material: stainless steel Dial: white Weight: 460g
R2,893.86 excl

Barigo Weather station with ship's barometer, comfortmeter & quartz ship's clock - (mahogany, polished brass, name plaque)

Precise, reliable function, clever design, sturdy construction and uncompromisingly workmanship – a Barigo instrument means quality and longevity you can feel.
R3,244.74 excl

La Crosse WS6826 Wireless Weather Station with Animated Colour Screen

Treat yourself to a weather station to have all the information regarding the external and internal temperatures. Daily practices, this resort offers its LCD screen with colors, programmable alerts and trend indicator external temperatures.
R1,314.91 excl R1,139.47 excl

La Crosse WS6868 Semi-Professional Weather Station with Colour LCD

With the Professional Weather Station La Crosse Technology WS6868, you see at a glance the indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, the weather or the time and date. With it, you will not miss any important information.
R4,121.93 excl

La Crosse WS9006 Electronic Rain Gauge with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

A wireless rain gauge with outdoor temperature. Memory provides rainfall quantity in last hour, last 24 hours and history of last 6 days, weeks and months.
R964.04 excl

La Crosse WS9057 Wireless Weather Station with Barometric Bar Graph

Features indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity with MIN/MAX recorded values, current barometric pressure with 24-hour history bar graph, a forecast icon based on changing air pressure, a pressure trend indicator, and the current moon phase.
R1,490.35 excl

Oregon Scientific AW133 Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Smart App

The AW133 Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer from Oregon Scientific provides temperature alerts on your smart phone or tablet! No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready—this wireless thermometer alerts you when the your meal has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entrées, choose the doneness desired and you're good to grill.
R832.46 excl

Oregon Scientific BAR218HG Weather@Home Wireless Weather Station

Offering you the added convenience of App connectivity, Weather@Home Bluetooth-enabled Weather Collection lets you view weather updates via either its main unit or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled smart device. It also eliminates the hassle of having to search TV listings or the web each time you need a trustworthy weather forecast. Best of all, its low-latency rating and 50m transmission range means you can freely move around your house while checking out the latest updates or while planning camping or hiking trips.
R964.04 excl

Oregon Scientific BAR266 Alize Wireless Weather Station (White)

The Wireless Weather Station clearly displays the weather forecast, radio controlled clock, date and indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor humidity and ice alert on a large easy-to-read LCD screen. Receiving information from a wireless outside sensor (one included) combined with a handy Ice Alert feature also lets you know when outdoor temperatures are nearing freezing.
R613.16 excl

Oregon Scientific BAR368P PROJI Projection Clock with In/Outdoor Temperature and Weather (Silver)

A great value alarm clock with a simple yet modern design, this atomic clock is both easy to read and operate. The LCD screen displays the current time, day, indoor/outdoor temperature and weather in large font for easy readability.
R788.60 excl

Oregon Scientific PCR800 Rain Bucket 3.0 Protocol

The PCR800 Rain Gauge wirelessly sends rainfall data to your Oregon Scientific Weather Station giving you up to the minute information about your local weather conditions
R613.16 excl

Oregon Scientific PRYSMAchrome Weather Station (Black/Grey)

A modern design fulfills the aesthetic and functional requirements of your needs. The slim, stylish yet simple look, blends perfectly in any work or home environment. The changing color display will keep you abreast of both the current time and temperature range at a single glance.
R1,139.47 excl

Oregon Scientific Remote UV Sensor

Collects and displays UV Data on built-in LCD display and transmits data wirelessly to various wireless weather stations.
R876.32 excl