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What is Samsung's SUHD?

Samsung has launched several new, expensive televisions under the "SUHD" name, and we've received a few emails from customers wondering what it means. Sometimes, pushing technology forward means leaving consumers bewildered.

UHD is the official industry term for Ultra High Definition, which is the less-popular way to say "4K". The public had only just begun to hear about 4K UHD televisions when Samsung swooped in with "SUHD". Is Samsung developing a new standard within a new standard? So what is "S" UHD? Super UHD? Spectacular UHD? Sassy UHD? Perhaps just Samsung UHD?

Samsung's official answer is that the S doesn't stand for a specific word. Rather, according to the Rep, we spoke to, "Samsung reserves the 'S' (in SUHD) identification for their flagship products that change the game, like the groundbreaking SUHD TV portfolio or their Galaxy S and so on."

So is it worth the premium price that comes with Samsung’s SUHD? That depends on how important having the best is to you. Samsung’s SUHD TVs are sure to be chart toppers this year, even if the content that really makes them shine doesn’t show up for another year or two. Of course, if you’re an early adopter, you’re not going to want to wait to get the next version of SUHD.

For now, users will only benefit from the improved colour accuracy and brightness. Later on down the road, as 4K UHD content is mastered to take advantage of the wider color gamut and higher dynamic range, owners of these TVs will see some significant bumps in picture quality as well as the increased resolution 4K TVs already bring to the table. Television will be closer to cinema-quality than ever before, in some cases perhaps better.

It's unlikely Samsung will get the same traction with "SUHD," but we figured it was worth mentioning now, early on, that these TVs are a new flavor of LCD technology, too. They offer some promising new innovations, to be sure, but the new name doesn't mean it's a wholly distinct display technology.

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